Strategy: The Eldar Advantage

Investment Strategy
  • Opportunistic and focused on market disruption and blue ocean opportunities.
  • Early and mid-stage investments in all aspects of advanced cybersecurity, healthcare IT, resource mining, fintech, communications & digital media, Internet of things, next generation mobile applications, digital health, technology enabled services, computing infrastructure, applied software engineering, machine learning, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Average $25 million fund size targeting $250,000 to $3 million per opportunity.
Communications Strategy
  • Weekly and monthly newsletter publications to reach readers with interests in the industries we follow. We encourage feedback through e-mail, social media, and other communications platforms to gain insights from our readers.
  • Exclusive conferences for high-powered individuals, attendance limited to about 77 people, with world class speakers. We anticipate our first exclusive conference in June 2017, with speakers including renowned speculator, author, entrepreneur, & anarchist Doug Casey, as well as encryption and telecommunications technology expert Phil Zimmermann.
  • General interest conferences for our readers and the general public, unlimited attendance, many exhibitors, and world class speakers. We anticipate our first general interest event in October 2017.
Competitive Differentiators
  • Mentorship approach focusing on mutual success with both entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Active operational leadership and board participation in portfolio companies to ensure effective decision making.
  • Extensive global network of subject matter experts, colleagues, and allies in each of our focus industries.
Investment Approach
  • Active operational leadership focusing on technology and market development.
  • Preferred ownership between 10% to 49% of each company.
  • Founding entrepreneurs retain substantial equity to share in the success.
  • Capital invested in tranches to mitigate risk.
  • Strategic capital utilization through reserving 30% for additional opportunities and contingencies.
Industry Experience
  • Veteran technology innovators with extensive global industry networks.
  • Proven track records spanning information technology, healthcare, cybersecurity, fintech, software engineering, resource mining, communications, and other fields.
  • 360-degree experience representing both investors and portfolio companies averaging double-digit returns year-after-year.