The Eldar Team

Gator Greenwill, Managing Principal
Gator Greenwill Managing Principal
Gator Greenwill
Managing Principal

Eldar Capital Managing Principal Gator Greenwill has been the President and Owner since 2011 of Stratus Building Solutions of Kansas LLC, a full-service commercial cleaning firm serving the Kansas City metropolitan area. In that role, he has increased revenues for Stratus by more than 300% over the last four years and is currently responsible for the cleaning of more than two million square feet of commercial real estate in Kansas City and the surrounding area. He is also the majority or sole owner in three other operating businesses: Gator Automotive, a full service automobile repair shop in Carbondale, Illinois; Central States Crane and Hoist, a provider of overhead crane repair, inspection and installation services in Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Machinery Service and Design, a manufacturer of repair equipment for hydraulic cylinders based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Educated at Southern Illinois University, the University of Chicago, and the University of Kansas, Gator was a research assistant at KU to David Nualart, one of the world’s leading authorities in probability theory, before leaving academia for the world of business. More

Jim Davidson, Principal
Jim Davidson Principal
Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson is Eldar Capital’s Principal for Education, Mining, & Business Development. He is the founder and chancellor of Individual Sovereign University since 2009. He has worked since 1983 in banking, aerospace, real estate, software development, finance, health practice management, management consulting, free port development, toll road development, fishing fleet development, digital gold currency exchange operations, private venture capital stock exchange operations, mining stock news analysis, gold and silver coin sales, and university development. He is a published author of three books and hundreds of essays and articles. He has been involved in digital currencies since 1998. Jim was educated at the University of Kansas, Columbia University in the City of New York, Rice University’s Jesse H. Jones graduate school of business administration, and Individual Sovereign University. He has travelled extensively in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. More

Gavin Ellzey, Principal
Gavin Ellzey Principal
Gavin Ellzey, Principal

Gavin Ellzey is Eldar Capital’s Principal for Technology Development. Gavin has extensive technical and business expertise with complex information technology and infrastructure projects. He has been responsible for designing and implementing new systems, managing operating expenses, cost-related improvement programs, and resource management to meet strategic business objectives in competitive markets. He also has extensive mission critical telecommunications/network engineering experience developing new programs and services, managing business processes, training and mentoring staff, and defining technical and business requirements in big data, cloud and mobile environments. Gavin was educated at University of New Orleans, Ewing M. Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurship, and received senior executive training at Stanford University School of Business, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Business, is a former licensed investment advisor, and a published author. More

Kevin Wilkerson, Principal

Kevin Wilkerson Principal
Kevin Wilkerson, Principal
Kevin Wilkerson is Eldar Capital’s Principal for Software Systems Design and Security. He has extensive software development, communications privacy, and data security expertise in real world situations. He is one of the two original designers of the Voucher software technology. Since 2008 he has been involved in coding nearly 600,000 lines of code in all the various systems and elements in the software. He is a uniquely gifted and talented software developer, with decades of experience in both technology development and business operations. He is co-founder and co-owner of security services company. Kevin was educated at Lewis and Clark College, earning a degree in mathematics.


Advisers to Eldar Capital are people we trust whose opinions and advice we respect. We call on our advisers to provide subject matter expertise in their areas of speciality. If you would like to be an adviser to Eldar Capital, please let us know. More